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Pride of the Ozarks

A large gift box full of tasty treats from the Ozarks. Bite for bite the best combination of cheese and sausage money can buy. This “large” box contains: 12 oz Beef with Cheese & Jalapenos 10 oz Venison Summer Sausage 10 oz Elk Salami 10 oz Buffalo Summer Sausage 32 oz Beef Summer Sausage 32 oz Ozark Summer Sausage 16 oz Colby Longhorn 16 oz Mild Cheddar Longhorn 8 oz Monterey Jack 8 oz Garden Spicy 8 oz Swiss & Rye 8 oz Cheddar Jack 8 oz Hot Pepper Jack 8 oz Cheese & Salami 8 oz Bacon Lightly Smoked 8 oz Hot Pepper 8 oz Sharp Cheddar Medium 3 boxes of Crackers and 1 cheese slicer