• Address: 3700 NE Hwy 13 Osceola, MO 64776
  • Phone: 417-646-8131
  • Hours: Mon- Thu 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. | Fri 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. | Sat & Sun 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Making & Selling Cheese For Over 73 Years!

We have been all about cheese since 1944.  You don’t stay in business that long unless you are doing something right. We thank all of our customers over the years who have enjoyed our cheese and other products. We will continue to provide the best cheese with quality ingredients, in yummy flavors and varieties, and to continue adding new flavors.  Enjoy and thank you.

Interesting Facts

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    Over 275 Cheese Varieties!

    We carry 275 cheese varieties and most of them you can sample when visiting our store in Osceola. We have varieties from extra-sharp cheddar, to chocolate cheese, to our famous ghost pepper cheese.

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    1,000 Dairy Farms

    At one point in our early history, we had 15 trucks on the road 24-hours a day collecting milk from over 1,000 dairy farms in Missouri.

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    Real Quality Ingredients

    Only the best ingredients are used in our Osceola Cheese Company products.

Best. Cheese. Ever. Seriously…

no one makes string cheese like Osceola. It’s a staple for my family on any trip we make south anywhere remotely on the way. Well worth the stop.

Ashley W.

Great Cheese Is A Given Here.

We just used their Carolina Reaper cheese in homemade Mac and Cheese- amazing! As a bonus they sell Peach Nehi which is kind of a white whale in our household.

Jessica H.


I’m from MN and have been all over this country not seen anything like this. They ship quick and secure I wish they had a frequent buyer program on quantity purchases. Hands down the place to get your supplies.

Tim H.

Osceola Cheese History

Osceola Cheese Company was established in 1944 in downtown Osceola and was then called Riverview Cheese.

In 1946 there was a new building built on the north side of the river to help facilitate the growth of the business. It continued to grow, and at that time there were 15 trucks on the road 24 hours a day collecting milk from more than 1,000 dairy farms across Missouri.

In the mid-1960s there was talk of Truman Lake, and many other changes were occurring in the area. The cheese company started making plans to move up the hill.

In 1968, when Truman Lake started to develop, we relocated up to the present location on Highway 13 and changed the name from Riverview Cheese to Osceola Cheese Company and became a retail outlet.

In 1987 the company expanded again and Ewe’s in the Country gift shop was established.

We have continually grown and expanded by making exterior and interior changes to help facilitate all the tourism since the big Branson boom. We are always adding a new flavor of cheese and snack items.

Osceola Cheese now has over 275 varieties of cheese, most of which can be sampled. The cheeses range from mild cheddar cheese, chocolate cheese, to our hottest, “the ghost pepper cheese.” We also smoke our cheeses in real hickory and applewood smoked flavors to enhance the original flavor of our cheeses.
In addition to our wonderful cheeses, we have several varieties of snack sticks, summer sausage, and real beef jerky. We also have a full line of Vidalia Onion dressings, meat marinades, steak sauces, hot sauces, jams, jellies, honey, and old-fashion pure sorghum.

In the gift shop, we have games for kids, home decorations, canvas paintings, candles (which include soy wax candles), unique scarves, wallets, and ceramic coffee mugs.